In September 2016, I fled the US to live in Spain and teach english to high-schoolers. I spoke no Spanish and knew nothing about the town where I was placed, and almost nothing about teaching.


This extremely fortunate position gives me the ability to travel a lot and explore Europe from a home base, while still making a livable wage in the mean time. I've decided to write this blog near the end of my first year, and plan to back-track and document all the wonderful experiences I've had since becoming an immigrant.

March 21, 2018

An open letter to the God of Love,

I can only write this letter because I’ve fully recovered from the damage you inflicted when you left me smitten one year ago. You might have me believe you’re just some Spanish kid in a wooly green hat with a snub-nosed bow and arrow, but the day I met you was the day I met him, and this is no coincidence. This was the beginning of the end of my life for the next six months. But, all things considered, I guess I made it out all right. Your affliction takes down even the mightiest of Gods, and I’m proud to say I maintain a beating heart on the other side.

The day I met Bruno was a rainy day in Galicia. I say this as if every day isn’t a rainy day in Galicia. But in a land with 70 words for the variations in precipitation, I’ll be more specific.

The day I met Bruno was sunny at first. I stepped off the train with a mountain of expe...

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August 1, 2017

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