In September 2016, I fled the US to live in Spain and teach english to high-schoolers. I spoke no Spanish and knew nothing about the town where I was placed, and almost nothing about teaching.


This extremely fortunate position gives me the ability to travel a lot and explore Europe from a home base, while still making a livable wage in the mean time. I've decided to write this blog near the end of my first year, and plan to back-track and document all the wonderful experiences I've had since becoming an immigrant.

December 6, 2018

I screeched up to the boat terminal at the exact moment the ferry was supposed to depart. My 80 year old taxi driver screamed goodbye as I threw the door shut and ran towards the gates. I was relieved to see other person in front of me, but I saw a security guard mouthing the words "CLOSED" as they approached the door. They spun around, tossed their fur scarf around their neck, ran towards me and grabbed my hand.

"We have to run around to the other side! Come on, Quick!" 

Hand in hand we "ran like hyenas" desperate to catch the boat and not be stuck there for another hour.

"I'm Nicki, by the way!" He screamed over his shoulder, his purse bopping between us.

We bound towards the cars that were still loading below and snuck onboard with them. At this point, I had  been traveling for almost 16 hours that day. I was shocked a...

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August 1, 2017

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