I am an experimental traveler, painter, photographer, film-maker, and visual artist previously based out of New Orleans, recently relocated to a small town in Spain. These days I'm spending most of my time writing and illustrating a children's book about New Orleans, traveling around Europe, teaching English, and noticing the beauty in the little things. 

I’m drawn to the suspension of disbelief. I chase the moment when we stop asking questions and allow ourselves to be enchanted. I believe a camera or a paint brush can act as a stepping-stone that transports us from what we see with our own two eyes and a different reality caught in time, altered by our memory and imagination.


My aim is to daydream always. I want to find dreamy real-world places and create dreamy imagined places. My written travelogue is an attempt to keep my memories safe and share my stories. My paintings help me notice more details in the beautiful things I find myself sitting in front of on my travels, or help me communicate whimsical ideas that come to my head. My main goal is to tap into that childlike enthusiasm we all have within us.

Photo by Lucy Plato Clark