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I am an experimental traveler, painter, photographer, film-maker, and visual artist previously based out of New Orleans. In 2016, I moved to Spain for 3 years, then Germany for 2 years (during lockdown,) and as of August 2021 I live in a campervan named Louis with my partner Ben. We are traveling around Europe, learning about alternative and sustainable ways of living. Follow along on my "travelogue" page.

I believe in stories and their ability to bring about heartfelt change in the world. I believe in community, and that perspective and wisdom is gained through leaving your comfort zone. I believe in beauty, and that it "is a food as essential as bread." I try to leave places nicer than I found them. I'm eager to find a life outside of the G7 capitalism train. 

My written travelogue is an attempt to keep my memories safe and help others follow along on our journey. My paintings help me notice more details in the beautiful things I see on my travels, or help me communicate whimsical ideas that come to my head. My photography helps me notice the other-worldly magic that this life has to offer. 

Photo by Lucy Plato Clark

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